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La Carretera del Vi is an oeno-touristic attraction that has a high historical and cultural value. It allows wine lovers to get acquainted with the ancient route that linked together the vineyards in the Penedès and the beaches of Garraf. La Carretera del Vi, the first Wine Road in Spain, is a joint project launched by 13 wineries situated along the route and is supported by the seven municipalities through which it winds, joining in boosting this innovative project that aims to recover the historical commercial route that was already used by the Romans to export the Penedès wines all over the world. Taking example from some of the world’s most famous and well-known Wine Roads, La Carretera del Vi brings together 13 wineries of different sizes and styles that display a variety of attractions as well as other places of touristic interest along the route; from traces of early Iberian villages to Medieval castles and traditional and Modernist architecture, all culminating in rich and varied cultural and gastronomic offer.

La Carretera del Vi follows the BP 2121, C-15 and C15B roads and links the castle of Sant Martí Sarroca with the beaches of Sitges winding through the towns of Sant Martí Sarroca, Pacs del Penedès, Vilafranca del Penedès, San Miquel d’Olerdola, Canyelles, Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges. The visitors can design their own oeno-touristic experience by choosing themselves the wineries and other sights and places they are interested in spread along the side ways of this 40 km long lineal route. The ideal way to enjoy all that La Carretera del Vi has to offer is by car. Later on, after this initial phase, it will be possible to do the route by bicycle or by foot using an alternative way more suited for this type of transit. La Carretera del Vi is a joint initiative of the town councils of Sant Martí Sarroca, Pacs del Penedès, Vilafranca del Penedès, San Miquel d’Olèrdola, Canyelles, Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges.

The wineries that participate in La Carretera del Vi are:

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Bodegas Torre del Veguer

Bodegues Pinord

Cava & Hotel Mas Tinell

Família Torres

Colet Clàssic Penedès

Finca Viladellops

Mas Bertran

Parés Baltà

Puig Batet




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