Hospital de Sitges

Hospital Sant Joan Baptista Winery in Sitges hosts a wine treasure of great value: the last Malvasia vineyards to be cultivated in the village since the first arrival of this grape variety during the 14th Century. In the year 1935, Manuel Llopis i de Casades granted them to the foundation of this Hospitality Foundation. His only condition was that the Hospital had to keep harvesting and merchandising Malvasia from Sitges. A legacy preserved with success until today than with the passage of time has incorporated in its own nature a philantropical nature, up to the point that all the benefits generated from merchandising of Malvasia are destined entirely to the nursery home managed by the Hospital. That’s why that after eighty years of accepting the legacy of the Llopis i de Casades family, the winery is still surrounded by a wonderful modernist environment in a property having two hectares built in 1912 right at the center of Sitges. And even today, the grapes harvested from those vineyards are faithful to their two missions. From one side, enological and cultural, promoting Malvasia as a true gastronomical legacy from Sitges that goes back to the origins of the Hospital, when the Feudal Lord of the Castle of Sitges, Bernat de Fonollar, founded the Order Germans Hospitalers during the year 1324 to take care of the poor and disadvantaged. The current Malvasia from the Hospital is the result of all this history. Wine deposits grounded in the karstic soil of the Natural Park of Garraf grows perfumed by the sea breeze from Blanca Subur, the poetic name of Sitges. The purest essence of eternal Sitges under the shape of a traditional and exquisite wine.

Guided tours:

Can be arranged during all the year

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Carrer Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, 2
08870 Sitges

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