Parish Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla

The asymmetric parish church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla (also known as La Punta) is a baroque construction built in the 17th century. Its profile is perhaps the most reproduced image of Sitges.
Built upon the remains of a Romanic and then a gothic church dated 1322, the baroque building has undergone many modifications over the years. Inside are various important altarpieces, the main one is what remains of the centre piece of a 1499 renaissance altarpiece representing Sitges' patrons Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla by Neapolitan artist Nicolás de Credença and is located behind the High Altar. In the side chapels there are baroque altarpieces of the Virgin of Los Remedios, Saint Telmo, Saint Peter, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady of Sorrows. Under the choir are the tombs of 
Bernat de Fonollar, Galcerán de Ribes and Galcerán de Pacs.

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